This question is thrown around a lot.

How to make a girl/boy fall in love with you?

Don’t worry people, The Love Guru is here to solve all your doubts!

Steps to make a girl fall in love with you!

  • Sing for her (But please don’t become Himesh Reshamiya)
    himesh reshamiya
  • Cook for her (Make sure you are not serving burnt coal 😛)


  • Dance for her (Salsa?)

Moonwalking MJ

  • Play the guitar for her (\m/ Rocksta style)

guitar playing dood

  • Write poetry for her (No corny hindi filmi songs please!)


  • Take her for long walks (Not when the thermometer reads 40+ degrees or <10 Degrees)


  • Pamper her (Pamper her means pamper her)


  • Give her flowers (No cheapo junglee fools please!)

Giving Flowers

  • Treat her like a Princess ( Most Important!)

princess diana


How to make a Man fall in love with ya?







Just smile at him 🙂

jessica alba smiling